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Individuals who wish to go into the country with one or more firearms and their ammunition, with the proposal to perform hunting activity, sporting shooting or other legitimate purpose, will have to submit application at the origin country argentine consulate, holding the equivalent legal possess authorization extended by the local authority, identification document or passport, requiring the applicable "temporary authorization and temporary possess permit" of corresponding material, during their stay in Argentina.
If the tourist arrived at Argentina without the "temporary authorization and temporary possess permit", drawn up by the argentine consulate, the Police authority that takes part will give the applicable temporary authorization and temporary possess permit during the stay in the country, ad-referendum of the National Registry of Firearms.
The temporary authorization and temporary possess permit, duly signed and stamped by the local Police authority, will enable the tourist who will stay temporary at Argentina, to possess, transport and use the firearms and ammunition for the legitimate activity and during the authorized time period.
When leaving the country, the individual will have to apply at the competent Policy authority, which will verify the exit of the corresponding firearms and alive ammunition and will keep the temporary authorization and temporary possess permit. If any temporary introduced firearm left, the individual will have to justify that circumstance with the due documents.


The permissions of hunt(fighter) and fishing obtendràn in every province where the activities are realized.
The cost of the same ones they will depend on the region and season.
The necessary Documentation to proceed with the permission of hunt(fighter) and pezca:
• Passport or national Document of Identity
• it 3 photograph season-ticket 4x4.
• Photocopies of the permission of weapon and guides. (Maximum two you arm(assemble)).

It(He,She) cannot:
• To hunt in the public route.
• To hunt out of season.
• To travel with loaded weapon.
• To join field without the permission of his(its) owner.
• To hunt any species(kind) that one does not find qualified, for example:
Harmonious or showy birds (cardinals, picahuesos, larks, compounds, parrots, owls, etc.). Gumps, nandu, piche, hare mara, wildcat, Argentinian partridges (colored and copetona), tortoises, etc. (Depending on the region)

We recommend to have always to I flow with the following documentation:
• Permission of hunt.
• Permission of the farm owner.
• Permission of weapon


To travel with products of hunt(fighter) inside the country the guide of traffic will have to request in the pertaining to roads positions(places) of every province.
Out of the Country: it is necessary to to obtain a certificate of exportation for which will have to present:

• Permission of the owner of the field.
• Photocopy of the permission of hunt(fighter).
• Guide of traffic of the province of origin.

We entrust realizing personally all the steps of exportation of his(its,her) trophies and taxidermies, with service door to door to any part(report) of the world. GUARANTEE

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