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Wild Argentina is offered a varied scale of options to live through his preserved nature. You will be the protagonist of this trip, where for land or for water you will find the differents forms of living ( hunting, fishing and adventures).
You will knows the places more extraordinary and uninhabited, feeling the adrenaline, will record in your memorys indelible sensations and discovers with friends or family “ the adventure of being part of the Wild Argentina without limits to your imagination.
Wild Argentina is an organization specializing in the armed one and development of recreative and educational projections inside which one finds the hunt and the fishing as cultural phenomena of our time, respecting the environment, in the frame of the law and the sports ethics.
We face our activity with sports spirit and affective and professional commitment that this implies, with the conviction of which we prune to do a significant contribution, to the common intention of turning his close adventure into our country into a wealth-producing experience for all.
Planning a course and not to be separated of him, is to undertake to be faithful likewise, of there becomes detached ARGENTINE WILD.
The important thing is not the destiny but the way that takes us to him.

Dr. Gonzalo Martinez

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